Chemical Peel Before And After

Chemical Peel Before And After is a body treatment technique used to improve and smooth the texture of the facial skin.
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Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA)

Alpha-hydroxy (Alpha-hydroxy-acids), AHA or fruit acid. The main sources are fruits , sugar cane and milk.

ANA has long and successfully used in dermatology. In the 70 years of the twentieth century in the United States began to use them in cosmetics as active substances .

Scientific research in chemistry allowed synthesized in the laboratory , these ingredients . But transcend nature efficacy failed. Particularly sought after in cosmetic clean , highly natural, especially organic ingredients .

Alpha hydroxy acid peels to show the effect : they dissolve intercellular connections or ” sticky substances ” that bind dead skin cells , allowing the dead cell layer to peel faster . Due to this the epidermis becomes tenderness and softness. In addition, the exfoliation process prevents pores from clogging and makes the skin more susceptible to the action of other cosmetic products . ANA stimulates the emergence of new young cells , increasing the synthesis of collagen and elastin . Fruit acids have the ability to bind and trap moisture , whiten and align skin texture. As a result of alpha – acids in the skin increases firmness and elasticity , wrinkles . Skin filled with vitality and visibly rejuvenated.


Cosmetics with fruit acids – the most effective and popular means to combat aging of the skin and other serious cosmetic defects .

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Treatment of acne (ACNE)

Laser treatment of acne ( acne ) – the latest and most promising method to prevent the formation of complications expanding skin pores , stagnant spots and scars.

Acne – an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands of the skin, which affects and sweat glands. Causes It may be a genetic predisposition , breach ductless follicles , seborrhea , bacteria , poor diet and smoking. Modern drug therapy involves taking retinoids , antibiotics, antiseptic use , but often possible relapse.

According to the latest modern and evidence-based protocols acne laser treatment is recommended as the primary treatment or as its inclusion in the combined treatment.

The method of acne treatment consists of heating the skin with partial destruction sebocytus – cells that  excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands, which reduces the production of sebum , which is one of the basic mechanisms of the disease. Thus killing the bacteria and fungi that cause local acne. The treatment can be performed at any stage of the disease , especially during purulent pustules and stage of abscess. You will be my best option of treatment, and recommendations for proper skin care.

New Direction Treatment remodel skin – restores its normal structure , reduces the width of the pores, promotes the resorption of dead bluish spots , and has no side effects that can be when taking systemic medications ( retinoids , antibiotics , etc.).

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What you need to know about laser hair removal

Do you ever wondered the question – why do we need the hair on the human body ?

After all, they have virtually all the people , except that the amount and intensity of growth are different, but the practical application of them is not enough. The only exceptions are the hair on the head, protecting us from the sun on a hot day , and you can create beautiful hairstyles that make us attractive. However, you can not spend their time pushing different hypotheses , as an unambiguous answer to this question as yet not been received. Scientists have voiced a variety of versions – from warm your body , to attract individuals of the opposite sex, but most of them agree on one thing – body hair removal improves hygiene.

Methods of hair removal , or hair removal , there are many – wax , electricity, chemicals , but the most popular and effective is only one – laser hair removal . For more than twenty years of its existence it has proved its effectiveness and it is successfully used worldwide. But despite the widespread and growing popularity , many still wonder – whether subjected to this procedure , whether it influences the health, how much it hurts , and many others . Many answers can be found in our section “question and answer ” , well, the most basic ones , we will publish here.

Whether it is safe for your health? 

Epilation procedure itself is that the beam penetrates the skin to a depth of between one and four millimeters , but the health risk not bear no . Yes sometimes occur after the procedure light redness and slight discomfort , but it must pass for a few hours.
After laser hair removal procedure is possible appearance of scars, which often are formed after electrolysis . Also, there is no risk of ingrown hairs in the skin , on the contrary , many experts recommend laser hair removal to eliminate such cases. The laser beam does not contain ultraviolet wavelength range 320-400 nm , can increase the risk of cancer , so you can not be afraid of the oncogenic effects of the procedure.


Does it hurt ?

Unequivocal answer to this question can be given – it all depends on the characteristics of the organism and its pain threshold . But do not despair and grasp at the usual razor , because we live in the XXI century , and pain can be easily removed using special creams and ointments, which causes the master before the procedure. Especially that mechanical removal or waxing – much more painful procedure .

How effective is it ?

Compared with other treatments laser hair removal is extremely effective . But do not look for magic and the complete disappearance of hair after just one treatment . Although we use the newest equipment, but worth considering the nuance that each person has their own characteristics in the structure of hair .
The very principle of laser action – is a selective effect on the melanin in the hair follicle . In the absence of melanin , or lower its content is reduced effectiveness of the procedure . This is true for people with light and thin hair that is difficult to remove. But if difficulties arise with the removal of dark hair , it is likely that the body has a hormonal disorder. In this case, our masters will tell you – what to look for and where to go to restore normal hormonal levels.
Beforehand , note that one procedure is insufficient to achieve the desired effect . The laser beam affects only mature follicles and although destroyed follicles do not grow new hair will grow . Full rate is calculated individually and depends on the change cycle of the hair. Usually this term is 8-24 months .

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