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Is Laser Hair Removal worth it?

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Today we are all obsessed with their appearance , which is not only our business card , but also a factor favorable mood. Ways to remove unwanted hair – a lot . And I would choose the most suitable , both in price and functionality . One of the most convenient and actually proven laser hair removal options appears . And, of course , all the worries about whether to do it and is it safe ?
The use of laser technology for hair removal gives excellent results for many years . This technology allows for only 5-7 sessions to remove unwanted or excess hair growth . But all it removes only the hair that is in the active stage ( growth ) ?
Unfortunately, we still have dormant bulbs that does not affect the laser ! That’s why need a course of treatments and supporting procedures once a year.

Laser hair removal – it’s a quick and virtually painless . It can be performed on any part of the body and face and is suitable for all skin types. Now a rapidly growing number of men who resort to hair removal on the shoulders , torso , and back , as well as other parts of the body . And it should not not please the female half of the population. Relatively painless and quite effective and safe procedure .
Efficiency and time savings – some of the most important components of customer feedback . Nothing terrible and frightening procedure not. After application of the gel of the contact , the skin surface is treated with the laser light . Touch device does not deliver pain , although accompanied by unpleasant sensations . Modern equipment allows removal which large areas of the body for a short time . After the session the client can return to their normal way of life and professional activities. With each procedure significantly reduced the amount of hair , and the remaining hair is lighter and softer.

Laser hair removal
Realizing that procedure , if necessary, it’s worth doing , remember to correctly choose a salon and professional who will carry out the procedure , because it is important , first of all , for you.


Laser hair removal on the diode laser

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Laser hair removal – the removal of unwanted hair for a long time with a laser.
Every year the number of clinics , salons , malls, respectively – and laser hair removal specialists . The main task of the client – not to get lost among the many proposals and find the clinic , center, salon , where you will be treated with warmth and attention , where you will cherish , where the latest laser equipment and where craftsmen – professionals. Nowadays, more and more women and men prefer the more expensive method of hair removal – laser hair removal. And those who have not yet decided , can make a simple calculation : call several clinics to find the approximate cost of one session of laser hair removal on the area that interests you and multiply by 5 sessions (average – the number of sessions needed to get rid of excess hair or at least reduce them to a minimum amount ) . And now calculate how much you spend at least a year on shaving or waxing . You will find that the cost will be almost the same . And if you do count how much is spent on shaving and other procedures throughout their lives , in order to temporarily get rid of hair , you will find that laser hair removal – it’s not just inexpensive procedure , but on the contrary – the most cost -effective of all!

Equipment for laser hair removal :

We work on the latest generation of diode laser Lumenis «Light Sheer» ET ( U.S. ) .
To date, this laser is the most effective and safest in the world.

Laser hair removal in the U.S. diode laser Lumenis Light Sheer – is the gold standard in hair removal !
Diode laser systems only last generation able to remove hair on all skin types , including very dark . This equipment is very high-class and the degree of efficiency is higher than the other several times .

Diode laser allows you to work on all 4 phototypes , including on dark skin .

Essence of the method Laser Hair Removal:

The essence of the method of laser hair removal is that hair removal is due to the effects of laser energy on the structures responsible for hair growth. Energy, which emits a laser does not damage surrounding tissue , as sapphire laser optics prevents thermal effects on the skin , which makes the procedure painless .

EFFECT FROM Laser Hair Removal:

· After the first procedure takes from about 15 % to 40% of the unwanted hair ;
· After the first procedure no ingrown hairs ;
· Fade black dots that remain on the skin after shaving ;
· Irritation disappears , which was after shaving ;
· Skin becomes smooth and velvety.

Contraindications for laser hair removal :

· Diabetes decompensation ;
· Somatic diseases of the skin ;
• pregnancy ;
· Cancer;

Indications for laser hair removal :

· Unwanted hair on the face and body ;
· Ingrown hairs ;
· Irritation after shaving ;
· Black dots on the skin after shaving.

GETTING Hair Removal:

· Can not sunbathe 2 weeks prior to the procedure ;
· You can not pull out the hair on epiliruemom site for 2 weeks prior to the procedure ;
· Epiliruemy impossible to wipe the skin area with an alcohol 3 days before the procedure;
· Not take tetracycline antibiotics for 2 weeks prior to the procedure ;
· 4-8 hours before the test area should be carefully shaved hair removal .


· 2 weeks after the procedure can not sunbathe ;
· 3 days after the procedure, you can not take a hot bath ;
· 3 days after the procedure, you can not use the swimming pool with chlorinated water ;
· 3 days after the procedure, you can not visit the saunas , baths ;
· 3 days after the procedure, you can not wipe the area with an alcohol- epilation .

Number of treatments:

Hair Removal Rate for each person individually and on average from 4 to 8 treatments. Interval after the first procedure is 6-8 weeks after the second – 8-10 weeks , and with each subsequent session interval between procedures increased by 2 weeks. Due to long periods between treatments even the minimum rate of laser hair removal treatments is about a year .

Rehabilitation period :

After completion of the procedure may be a slight reddening of the skin , which runs for several hours , causing no discomfort. Skin retains some sensitivity to sunlight , and within 2 weeks after the session of laser hair removal can not sunbathe . If you do a procedure during active sun , necessarily apply sunscreen with a high protection factor ( at least 35 SPF).

Visiting center, which specializes in classical and laser cosmetology, where new equipment and qualified , you entrust yourself to professionals! Already after the first laser hair removal procedure you will forget about skin irritation and ingrown hair, forget about razors and painful wax depilation . We can help you with it!

Laser is absolutely harmless . Penetrates 4 mm into the skin and disperses . Only affects the hair follicle .