Chemical Peel Before And After

Chemical Peel Before And After is a body treatment technique used to improve and smooth the texture of the facial skin.
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Chemical peels – pros and cons

Pros and cons

Unfortunately, during the life of the skin remains intact. Speed cell renewal decreases and wrinkles . Dead cells influence the color. But if you regularly remove the top layer of the epidermis, then slow down the signs of aging skin and can remain young for a long time .

To help you come to such a procedure as peeling. If you do not forget about skin care , you know that it is peeling and helps gently remove dead skin particles. But peel performed at home is not enough. And then you had better turn to a professional beautician, who hold high-quality chemical peels . What is it?

Chemical peels are one of the most popular treatments for skin rejuvenation . For it did not require special equipment and it is available for the price of most women. The point of it is to use phenol or acid.

Around the end of the last century, the mass production of drugs for effective exfoliation of the skin with the addition of AHA – Alpha Hydroxy Acid . Usually , this is an extract of sugar cane, triple fruit acid , glycolic acid.


The standard tool for chemical peels is phenol. The procedure of applying it is quite painful if you get up a wizard that will do everything correctly – you will be amazed with the result. But remember , which is not applied in the processing of phenol decollete , neck and hands. In these places especially easy form scars. And with deficient services you can not rejuvenate the skin, but rather much damage .

That’s why most beauticians prefer to use acid. Not as toxic as phenol, allowing the acid to clean the skin a lot less painful. But there is a danger of uneven application of acid. And, therefore , the appearance of significant damage in areas where the skin has a thin layer or hypersensitivity. To avoid such problems, the drugs added heleobrazuyuschie matter.

Before deciding on a chemical peel , please note that the safest procedure to conduct glycolic acid. However, at a concentration of no more than 30 %. But it will not save you from age spots and wrinkles. In this case, skin rejuvenation is better to use tools with a strong performance . Simply peel should pursue in this master and use the following procedure special features to help you avoid problems associated with the recovery period.

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