Chemical Peel Before And After

Chemical Peel Before And After is a body treatment technique used to improve and smooth the texture of the facial skin.
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Epilation or depilation – what’s the difference?

Removing unwanted hair – it is a prerequisite to skin care was really effective and quality . After all, most modern cosmetic services available only after the skin becomes perfectly smooth and even small hairs can become a hindrance in this . And this is the main secret of the success of such popular procedures such as hair removal and waxing hair. But very often these two concepts confused or mistakenly believe that the difference between them , though it is not so , and between them there are so many differences that we consider in this article.

Epilation – the removal of the entire hair , including its root portion. During this procedure, a follicular unit deliberately dealt damage that is safe for humans , but at the same time prevent further hair growth.
One of the most known methods of hair removal such a way – electrolysis . Her technique consists of exposing the roots of the hair electrocution low voltage. To do this, the hair root is introduced thin electrode , which is served and an electrical impulse that has a direct impact on the area of hair growth. But this method is not without its drawbacks , chief among which is the appearance of unwanted scars on the skin . Therefore, in recent years, many opt for the more expensive , but at the same time, more modern and safer ways – photo-epilation and laser hair removal .
In hair removal using a special lamp that gives light and power spectrum required . During the projection of light on the skin produced photothermal destruction of hair. Laser technologies are more sophisticated and reliable during the procedure the laser beam actually burns the hair root , which makes the procedure is extremely efficient. Add to this that, although during laser hair removal and can be painful , they can be easily removed with special creams and ointments , and on the skin leaving no consequences other than a little redness, which passes through a couple of days .

Epilation or Depilation


But depilation – more primitive and far less effective method of hair removal than waxing . While it is removed , only that portion of the hair which is on the skin surface. The most common method of depilation – shaving. A somewhat more complicated , but also less effective procedure – chemical depilation , which is available for a variety of hundreds of creams , sprays, ointments and other cosmetic means. But they are able to destroy only the upper part of the hair .
Very well known waxing or waxing . During her skin is covered with a special cosmetic wax , which glues hairs . After which it is removed using special wipes that accompanied a very painful sensations .
Also known depilation technique sugary solution ( Sugaring ) . Warm pasta , which contains sugar, applied special wand is not on the skin, but only on the hair. After solidification of the paste is removed along with the unwanted hair.
In the end we want to add that although the waxing and less effective way to remove hair , however it is often a prerequisite for hair removal , particularly laser . Therefore, the struggle with unwanted hair should start with a consultation with experts who can tell you the way you are best suited for you.

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