Chemical Peel Before And After

Chemical Peel Before And After is a body treatment technique used to improve and smooth the texture of the facial skin.
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Proper preparation for laser hair removal

Probably every woman dreams of a flawless smooth skin , touching which are comparable with the gentle touch of flower petals . Few refuse the unfailing beauty weapon whose effectiveness would not dare to challenge any man . But on the way to achieving their desired many often stands alone, rather unpleasant obstacle – hair. They shave , burn electricity rip off the wax is dissolved using special ointments and creams for hair removal , but truly effective means just one thing – laser hair removal . It can help get rid of unwanted hair for a few years , saving your skin from constant unpleasant procedures . And the effectiveness of laser hair removal is equal to 70-95 %, and largely depends on the preconditioning , which we will talk today .


Having decided on this procedure , the first thing you need to do – consult a competent expert . After all, many types of hair removal are contraindications: malignant and infectious diseases, chronic skin diseases, pregnancy, diabetes , varicose veins , heart disease . Good master laser hair removal is the proper medical training and can help you avoid trouble during the procedure and after it .
However, there are things that must be considered in all patients . For example, a month before the procedure, and for another it is not necessary after sunbathing , otherwise the skin may be dark or light spots . A few days before the first procedure is recommended to check the laser will affect the skin , making a few test pulses at several sites . On the day of the procedure carefully shave the hair on the available places that are exposed to the laser. Otherwise you risk getting a small, but burns. And to-day routines refrain from creams and other cosmetics for skin – they can only do harm.

Epilation or Depilation
Some people experience pain during laser hair removal. Nothing wrong with that – it is a feature of the body and can be easily eliminated by using special creams, which are doped with painkillers components. Also during the procedure used special cooling component that protects against burns. At the end of hair removal cream applied to the skin containing aloe and steroids to speed healing. Often used and cool compress, which imposes a master skin cooling .
Complications after laser hair removal if there is, then the minimum . Perhaps burning or tingling sensation on the skin , as well as a small allergic reaction to anesthetics used . Usually, all it takes a couple of hours after the procedure. If the discomfort lasts longer, it helps cool compress or medicated cream , choose which you will master .

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